Mirrors possess the power to reveal our reflection and we use them daily to examine and groom our outward appearance. Sometimes we like what we see and sometimes we don't. Sometimes we can quickly reverse our dislikes with a change of clothes, new hairstyle, or makeup...while things like weight loss, body toning, and scars take periods of time to change. The interesting thing about the mirror is the emotions you feel about what you see and your choice of addressing those emotions. Most of us shy away from those emotions because we'd rather not face them and focus on our good features. You can only cover up an emotion for so long cause it will only lay dormant until it's triggered again. Those emotions deal with our internal reflection and when it's just you in the mirror, the choice is yours...and yours alone to encounter them.

Last week I spoke about "Changing vs. Stretching" and how you should stretch for someone who has taken the time recognize who you are and what you need to be your best. Everyone isn't going to reach that level with you but the person that does will become your mirror. You are giving them access to examine the parts of you that no one else will see. All of the great parts of you as well as the worse parts of you will be revealed to them.

Choosing the right mirror is tough because it's hard to trust a flawed human being with all of your short comings and hope that they won't judge you. Allowing someone else access to your personal emotions can be scary (Especially when you've chose the wrong mirror in the past). We tell our best friend, family members, and lover our deepest and darkest emotions because we trust them to the standard that they will protect us in moments of vulnerability and thereafter. The people you trust with the deepest parts of yourself are your "House of Mirrors." You grow up with friends and family and they are a constant in your life so it's easier to trust them because you have communicated with them over extended periods of time. The fact that a complete stranger will become someone you are suppose to trust, confide in and stretch for in marriage over anyone else that walks this earth...including friends and family you have known longer than them is interesting isn't it...but that's how it's suppose to be. We've all chose the wrong mirrors in the past....I think it's time we aim to do a better job at selecting the proper reflection that has the maturity to examine your good, bad, and ugly flaws and add to making you a better person.

Take your time...