Christmas is a week away...before you know it you'll be at home, at church, at a party, or a bar somewhere in the world wishing someone a Happy New Year. 2013 is drawing to a close and the conversations about resolutions for 2014 are off to the races. Before you dive head first into those conversations with yourself and others, I hope you'll find the time to review what you've done this year. Often we look at the things we want to change next year without looking at the resolutions we made in 2013. It's important that we celebrate our accomplishments.

For myself, there were several things I wanted to accomplish this year. Although I didn't get to all of them, I'm glad to go back through 2013 and share the moments that have made this year of music great for me. I couldn't have done any of this without your support and I'm truly thankful for each and every one of you that have contributed to my dream.



"Forecast" started the year with hopes of instilling confidence in our future and highlight the opportunity received in each new day.


"Call On Me" was a message of hope, assurance, and reliability that we should all be looking for in love.

"High Note. Vol. I" marked my first live performance in 3 well as a new venture.



I was asked to write and perform the lead single, "Dreaming At The Surface" for Warsaw, Poland, duo "DJ Czarny & Taz's" album titled "Time To Build"


The Why Radio Team from Porto, Portugal, asked me to create a podcast of some of my influences....I'm influenced by so many different artist and genres so it was a task but it birthed "Treats for The Gospeldelic Funk Children."


I kicked off the summer with my band "Nat Turner" at "High Note Vol. II." One of my favorite performances of the year!! Shout out to my Nat Turner crew Malik Hunter (bass) and Jason "Brother Spanky" Edwards (drums).


My cover of DeBarge's "All This Love" featuring Phonte arrived the last week of June.


I released "Prologue Vol. II" on July 11th....a year to the date of Prologue Vol. I.

Nat Turner and I ended the month in front of a sold out audience at "High Note Vol. III."

vol3save3 (1).jpg


I recorded a song for producer 14KT's "Nickled & Dimed" album titled "Toris."


Nat Turner and I went in the road to back Black Milk on his "No Poison No Paradise" North American Tour.



I was featured on Black Milk's "No Poison No Paradise" album on a record titled "Parallels."

At the end of the month, producer 14KT and I released our first single, "Lover's Galaxy" from our upcoming album titled "Saturn Return."


I released a full length album for the first time in 5 years w/ producer 14KT titled "Saturn Return" available now here.

In the middle of the month, Nat Turner and I headed to Europe to back Black Milk on his "No Poison No Paradise" European Tour.



I'm back in my sanctuary preparing music for 2014...

photo (25).JPG

Thank you for all of your love and support this year!! I'm praying that all of you have had a successful year and are aiming to make next year bigger and better. If your year wasn't what you anticipated it to be...don't give up! You have time to turn everything around...Don't ever let anyone tell you that you don't have time to accomplish your dreams...2014 is yours for the taking!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

See you in 2014!



Aaron "Ab" Abernathy