In a world where people use music and entertainment as a means to escape, pianist/soul singer Aaron Abernathy uses it as a tool that gives you something enjoyable and encouraging to help you grow, overcome, and conquer life’s obstacles instead of evading them. He envisions his albums as books, using them as a platform to enlighten, discuss, and find resolution within himself in order to teach others. His latest album, Epilogue is the book end to his trilogy of albums which include his 2016 debut Monologue, and his 2017 follow up Dialogue.

Epilogue is a true story about restoration after heartbreak. The album details the different journeys taken by himself and a woman named Noelle to find love again - split into three acts, HIS, HERS and OURS. Every ending leads to a new beginning, and in Epilogue, we learn where love can take us all. Epilogue is available on all digital retailers January 28, 2019, and everywhere February 1, 2019.

Dear Listener,

 Epilogue is an album about restoration after heartbreak…an album that I have lived through and through and was uncertain about sharing. This vulnerable, complex true story that is made up of three acts, touches on situations that most of my peers and I are currently in the midst of living. Dating in your late 20s, 30s, and 40s is a voyage through every emotion and the challenge of navigating the heartbreaks that life brings us is different for each individual.

The acts of HIS, HERS, and OURS take you through my breakup with a woman I loved dearly and how I react to our end;a woman named Noelle’s relationship with a man she was dearly in love with and how she’s coping with their relationship ending; and lastly how me and Noelle are discovering if it’s possible to heal and love again after major heartbreak.

I wrote this album because I’m aware that everyone wants LOVE but many of us lack restoration and healing, which is the most important step. Somewhere along the way we have been socialized to forgo healing. We often move on to the next relationship without working on the spaces we need to grow in prior to finding love again, walking in unprepared to do our part to create a love that will last.

As a single man in my 30s, I’m a repeat offender of failed relationships. These heartbreaks have lead me to spaces of healing that have been paramount in setting boundaries and learning what love is really about. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered many people on my journey to find real love, who are moving from heartbreak to heartbreak, causing more damage to themselves and others because they refused to take the time to heal. The result - they take their previous pain, insecurities, and issues out on their new lovers.

Some of us hold onto things and people too long while others end things too quickly all because we have trauma around heartbreak. My hope is to heal our outlook on love by convincing people that the love we’re seeking starts with healing our past and ending toxic thoughts around what we portray love to be.

By definition, “epilogue” is a piece of writing at the end of a work of literature, usually used to bring closure. This is the last piece of writing in this series of albums. My hope is that it brings an end to continuous heartbreak surrounding love and that every ending leads to a new beginning. I’m praying our new beginnings will be filled with healing so that we can have the love our hearts desire.



Aaron Abernathy


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Aaron Abernathy, is a pianist/soul singer, and multi-talented entertainer. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Abernathy comes from a long-line of historical pioneers including Civil Rights Leader, Rev. Ralph David Abernathy and student of the same high school music program as the late R&B great Gerald Levert. 

He joined the ranks of artists like Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack as a graduate from the prestigious music program at Howard University, where he sharpened his piano playing and musicianship by majoring in jazz piano.  With outstanding talents as both a pianist and a vocalist, he has acted as musical director for global touring acts Black Milk and Slum Village and collaborated with Grammy-nominated artists including Jack WhiteThe Foreign Exchange, and Eric Roberson.

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